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XebiaLabs Launches XL Impact With Improvements And New Features

November 30, 2017
XebiaLabs has announced the release of the first edition of XL Impact. It is a goal-based data-driven recommendation and decision-making tool for enterprise companies. Technically, the XL Impact is the DevOps intelligence engine for those companies who look forward to implementing DevOps.

According to XebiaLabs, the XL Impact is the first ever tool developed for the purpose of fulfilling DevOps. Moreover, the tool is vital for companies to make effective use of the performance improvements related to DevOps. The KPIs included with the XL Impact will be able to determine whether the speed or quality of the editions are improving. It will also keep track of those projects which are declining. It is also possible to not only review trends but also compare releases between various intervals.

You can easily monitor quality metrics for a wide range of parameters. It includes a total number of reported issues including average time to resolve issues with high potential. It is also possible to keep track of the cycle time by collating metrics from various backlog management tools, source control including the required release process.

Commenting on the development, Gottfried Sehringer, CMO of XebiaLabs disclosed that DevOps has matured. Moreover, companies have invested in various DevOps initiative. Hence, there is a need for enhanced data intelligence coupled with aggressive reporting.

XL Impact works by aggregating data from several tools using APIs and data collectors. The main purpose is to collect and standardize the required data required for consumption by the tool. The latest version provides support for GitHub, Jenkins, XL Release in addition to Atlassian JIRA.

Sehringer disclosed that they have curated the KPIs based on the information gathered from experts such as Nicole Forsgren and Gene Kim. The company has implemented the required metrics that are relevant to the context. The XL Impact tool will be a lifesaver for those companies who don't have any idea as to how to measure DevOps.

XL Impact is currently available to all existing and new customers as an add-on. Even though it's a cloud-based tool, you need to install XL Release either in premise or in the appropriate cloud environment.