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Visual Studio Code Gets Better With JUnit Support

January 13, 2018

Visual Studio Code has announced support for JUnit. According to reports, the Microsoft product team has added an ability to run and debug Java JUnit test cases to VS Code. The Jun... Continue Reading

ZeroStack Released DevOps Workbench With Enhanced Features

January 13, 2018

ZeroStack has launched DevOps Workbench, which is a self-service functionality using which developers will be able to create their own workbenches. If you work with DevOps Workbenc... Continue Reading

restQL gets better with enhanced features

January 11, 2018

restQL is currently available as an open source project. Technically, therestQLis a query language used for microservices. The main aim of the restQL is to simplify common scenario... Continue Reading

Visual Studio Code 1.19 Gets better With New Features and Improvements

January 01, 2018

Microsoft has officially released Visual Studio Code 1.19 with a wide range of features, improvements, and enhancements. The Visual Studio Code 1.19 editor has been exclusively des... Continue Reading

PostgresSQL 10 Gets Better With Advanced Features For Developers

December 25, 2017

PostgresSQL 10 was released a few days back. If you had worked with PostgresSQL, you know that it is a popular RDBMS. The main reason for the popularity of PostgresSQL is because o... Continue Reading

Android Things Gets Better With LoWPAN Support

December 21, 2017

Google has introduced Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks (LoWPAM) support on Android Things Developer Preview 6.1. You will be able to configure and manage LoWPAN networks o... Continue Reading

JSON-RPC Gets Better With Enhanced Features And Notifications

December 17, 2017

We all know that Language Server Protocol aka LSP is designed and developed on top of JSON-RPC 2.0. The framework was developed 10 years ago and it was not popular as SOAP or REST.... Continue Reading

Rust Language Service Preview For Visual Studio And VS Code Released

December 15, 2017

Rust is a popular language service. The latest news is that Daniel Griffen has released a preview release of a Rust language service, which is exclusively oriented for Visual Studi... Continue Reading

Microsoft Quantum Development Kit Developer Preview Released

December 14, 2017

Microsoft Quantum Development Kit has been released for developers as a free preview. The Redmond-based tech giant had announced the plans to develop a quantum computer at its Igni... Continue Reading

Microsoft Announces IoT Edge Public Preview With New Features

December 11, 2017

Microsoft has announced the launch of the public preview of IoT Edge during the Connect(); conference. Technically, the IoT Edge is a new variant of the IoT Gateway Software Develo... Continue Reading