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Node.js 8.9 Gets Better With Long Term Support

November 14, 2017
Node.js 8.9 Gets Better With Long Term Support
Node.js 8.9 has been released with Long Term Support (LTS) label. According to sources, the LTS support is necessary to satisfy the growing requirements of enterprise customers. You also have access to beta version 9 of Node.js, which is currently available.

The Node.js 8.9 will remain in Active LTS until April 2019 after that it will enter the Maintenance LTS status. During the maintenance time, only critical bugs and security bug fixes are allowed. Hence, the important bug fixes will be available for 8.x until December 2019. The status of LTS will be lost after that.

If you look at the Node.js version 8.9, it ships with version 6.1 of Google's V8 JavaScript Engine and updates npm to version 5.5.1, which includes new security-specific features such as two-factor authentication. Moreover, the async/await will also be available in an LTS version. It is to be noted that version 9 is oriented for those developers who are interested in experimentation and testing software bits.

The developers have already announced that the version 9 is only suitable for testing and not for production purposes. The main purpose of the new version is to integrate a unique code with all errors thrown by Node.js. The end result is that it will enable error messages to be modified without any breaks.

If you would like to work with the AWS Lambda or Azure Functions, you should wait or sometimes because version 8.X doesn't provide support for these cloud platforms.