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iOS 9: Features and enhancements for C# Developers

May 01, 2016
The recently released iOS 9 ship with several features oriented for C# developers. Let us look at some of them.

Cross-App Back Button

With the help of iOS 9, you will be able to make use of the back button as a soft button. Apple has implemented this feature into the OS. Your application will be able to take advantage of the cross-application back button. However, Apple faced lot of difficulties while attempting to implement this functionality in iOS 8.


With iOS 9, Apple now integrated a feature that allows for applications to access data in one application from another. However, it will be the responsibility of the developer to expose the appropriate information from an application. The iOS 9 has got several new search APIs that allow for app data to be searchable and presentable via Spotlight, Safari, Handoff, Siri, and Suggestions, which enables an application to present data from deep within an application.
Content To Expose

Apple provides several suggestions which can recommend any content that is viewed, created or curated by the users from within the application. It also recommends navigation points and features that are important within an application including suggestion of new content within an application. This includes new messages sent to a user, content that's regularly displayed by the app and new data that has been sent to the user.

App Search APIs

While NSUserActivity is an addition to the existing iOS 8 Handoff API, which will be used to make an application's interaction history searchable publicly and privately by a user, the Core Spotlight framework should be used to provide search ability to private data stored on the device. Moreover, the WebMarkup framework is specifically designed to provide content through a Web interface/Safari, to enable content to be marked up with special links that can be crawled by Apple and that can provide deep linking to an application in iOS 9.


With the help of iOS9, your iPad can now support having two applications open on your screen simultaneously.

3D Touch

The latest release of iOS 9 provides support for pressure-sensitive touch, which allows an application to determine the amount of pressure being exerted by the user on the screen.

The Stack View control, included with iOS 9, enables you to manage a stack of subviews. In addition to the above mentioned features, iOS 9 offers support for Contacts, Contacts UI including enhancements to HomeKit, Handoff, CloudKit, HealthKit, and MapKit.