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Google TensorFlow 1.0 gets better with new machine learning tools

February 16, 2017

Google has announced the launch of TensorFlow 1.0, which is an open-source framework for deep learning platform. Touted as a trendy fashional type of artificial intelligence, the T... Continue Reading

Microsoft Flow gets better with Team, Gmail and LUIS support

February 14, 2017

Microsoft has added Team and LUIS support the Flow platform. Touted as a robust citizen workflow service, the Microsoft Flow enables team members to not only contribute but also ma... Continue Reading

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 will launch on March 7, share your stories using #MyVSStory

February 13, 2017

Microsoft will officially launch Visual Studio 2017 on March 7. If you wish to share your experiences, you can do so by using the hashtag #MyVSStory. Touted as the 20th annivers... Continue Reading

Google Cloud Audit Logging capability expanded to additional cloud services

January 31, 2017

Google has expanded audit logging capability to a wide range of cloud services. The newly launched Google Cloud Audit Logging functionality enables the company to keep track of log... Continue Reading

GitLab 8.16 gets better with extending auto deploy to Google Container Engine

January 31, 2017

GitLab 8.16 has been released with the capability to monitor and extend auto deploy to Google container engine. You can be able to auto-deploy on Google Cloud. Moreover, GitLab 8.1... Continue Reading

Microsoft Cloud Shell will be a lightweight responsive Windows version

January 28, 2017

Microsoft is reportedly working on Cloud Shell, which is an adaptive shell for Windows 10. Moreover, the upcoming Shell Will be available in a single and unified approach. Dubbed a... Continue Reading

Google cloud based encryption key management service launched

January 19, 2017

Google, the search engine giant has introduced a new cloud-based encryption key management service. It enables developers to create, rotate, use and destroy symmetric encryption ke... Continue Reading

Atom 1.13 adds benchmarks, project history and keystroke resolver API

January 16, 2017

Atom 1.13 has been released with several features and enhancements for not only users but also developers. The new release provides a new benchmarking tool, a Reopen Project menu o... Continue Reading

Working with EditorConfig in Visual Studio 2017

Working with EditorConfig in Visual Studio 2017

January 15, 2017

Visual Studio 2017 has introduced support for the EditorConfig standard. Touted as a main feature in the latest release, the EditorConfig enable developers to specify a coding styl... Continue Reading

Google BigQuery gets better with Stack Overflow public datasets

January 08, 2017

Google BigQuery has added new Public datasets. Recently, Stack Overflow has announced that it will be making its dataset available via Google BigQuery. As a developer, you will be ... Continue Reading