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WP Mobile Detector plugin makes over 10,000 WordPress sites vulnerable to exploit

June 14, 2016

According to recent reports, over 10000 websites powered by WordPress are at risk of exploit due to a plugin containing a zero-day flaw. The main source of the problem is with the ... Continue Reading

Working with MSTest Framework support for .NET and ASP.NET Core RC2

June 08, 2016

Microsoft has added MSTest Framework support for .NET Core RC2 and ASP.NET Core RC2, which was released just few weeks back. Although this is a preview release, Microsoft internal ... Continue Reading

Top Three Web Design Books which you can Afford to buy

May 27, 2016

Even though you will find plenty of articles and tutorials for web development, paperback books still assume great significance. In this article, we will highlight top five books a... Continue Reading

Visual Studio Code gets better with C/C++ Extension

Visual Studio Code gets better with C/C++ Extension

May 27, 2016

Microsoft has released updates for the C/C++ extension in Visual Studio code. As part of the latest update, Microsoft has incorporated several advanced features like code formattin... Continue Reading

Introducing the new features of Visual Studio 15 Preview 2

May 24, 2016

Microsoft recently released the Visual Studio 15 Preview 2. As mentioned before, the Visual Studio 2015 offers a lightweight installer, which is designed to enhance installations.... Continue Reading

WebKit, V8, and Edge Improve JavaScript Implementations

May 23, 2016

There is an intense battle among various browsers over the last few months and it has reached a major benchmark with WebKit, V8 and Microsoft Edge improving JavaScript implementati... Continue Reading

Web Developer Salaries Trends in 2016

May 14, 2016

Web development is one of the growing fields in the world. Nowadays, web has taken over every segment of the life right from politics to business. In such a scenario, you can expec... Continue Reading

Microsoft open sources Xamarin SDKs and launches exclusive portal

Microsoft open sources Xamarin SDKs and launches exclusive portal

May 09, 2016

Microsoft recently open sourced the Xamarin SDKs for Android, iOS, and Mac to the .NET Foundation. Branded under the MIT license, the open sourced tools includes Mono runtime ports... Continue Reading

iOS 9: Features and enhancements for C# Developers

May 01, 2016

The recently released iOS 9 ship with several features oriented for C# developers. Let us look at some of them. Cross-App Back Button With the help of iOS 9, you will be able t... Continue Reading

Everything you want to know about Google Analytics

April 25, 2016

Google Analytics enable you to track many important stats and information about your websites. It helps you to keep track of visitors information, location, your most popular pages... Continue Reading