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ZeroStack Released DevOps Workbench With Enhanced Features

January 13, 2018
ZeroStack has launched DevOps Workbench, which is a self-service functionality using which developers will be able to create their own workbenches. If you work with DevOps Workbench, you will be able to access over 40 developer tools comprising of a mix of open source and commercial providers. It can be accessed via the intelligent cloud platform developed by ZeroStack.

According to Steve Garrison, VP of marketing and business development, Zerostack, a workbench is a work environment mainly created for software developers. The relevant workbench will have the tools and resources to build and deploy the software in an agile manner.

As a developer, you can select tools from the workbench to build their own development environment. Moreover, you can pick tools directly from the ZeroStack Z-AppStore. The placement and quota management of workload is completely automated. The whole environment makes use of a secure and multi-tenant architecture. You can accomplish placement of tools via blueprints or templates based on Heat.

Heat mainly consists of an orchestration engine to launch multiple composite cloud applications that are based on templates. They consist of text files that can be managed as a code. You can choose Jenkins, Chef, Bitbucket, Puppet, Ansible, and Maven directly from the Z-AppStore. It is also possible to work with big data apps such as Spark and Hadoop including SQL and NoSQL databases. It also includes servers such as Apache and NGNIX.