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Why we like Composite C1 - Part 2

July 24, 2016
In the previous article, we examined why Composite C1 is the preferred choice among Microsoft .NET Framework developers to enable them to make use of it for their Custom Software Development purposes.  In this article, we will provide you more reasoning for the Composite C1 CMS.

Top Rated Script

Composite C1 CMS is completely open source and has been deployed in over 60000 installations. Based on feedback from developers who have tested the product, the product team adds more features regularly. Moreover, developers across the world have praised the CMS with their unbiased reviews and is the top five CMS on Microsoft stack.

Composite C1 enables not only small local businesses but also multi-national companies to take advantage of a single CMS platform for both small, medium and large projects. Since Composite C1 is widely used by the enterprise community, the developers together in association with partners have formed a strong community to provide additional technical support, help and assistance through various channels.

Professional Open Source

If you have a Content Management System based on open source software, then you will be able to make use of the source code for free without seeking any permission from the company and developers. This means you can use the source code to customize your website easily in such a way that it adapts to your environment. You can integrate additional features, style sheets to develop a website which is not only user-friendly but also responsive to any device, be it PC, tablet or smartphone.

The developers behind Composite C1 keeps tracks of all installations to make sure that the product is safe and fully functional. Moreover, the developers will work behind the scenes to build professional quality software product. Furthermore, the very fact that Composite C1 is open sources means that you will be able to experience not only freedom but also choice.

In addition to source code, you will also find all the required user guides, documentation, learning material free of cost online. You can also ask queries at any time through various social media platforms.

Cloud Ready

Composite C1 is designed and developed in such a way to handle massive traffic for all your Custom Software Development requirements. If your web hosting server is unable to handle the server load then it's better that you migrate to Microsoft Azure. The CMS is fully compatible with Azure, which enables you to run scalable website. You will be able to run your website across one or more of data centers of Microsoft located worldwide. This will provide you faster response times across Asia, Europe and the American continents.