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Why we like Composite C1 - Part 1

July 22, 2016
Composite C1 is one of the top rated and powerful open source CMS worldwide built on the Microsoft stack for Custom Software Development. If you would like to know the alternative of WordPress in .NET Framework environment, you should consider Composite C1. If you make use of Composite C1, you will not have to face any difficulties during its usage. Here are some of the reasons based on which which we like Composite C1.

Feature Rich

With Composite C1, you will be able to work with a full-fledged rich CMS based on the latest Microsoft framework. Moreover, you can use it as both open source and as a fully licensed product. Based on these reasons, the Composite C1 is the preferred choice for many web agencies and professional organizations alike.

Extend with Add-ons

You can work with Composite C1 soon as deployment. This means you can publish, manage and organize a wide range of content. You can also make use of both free and professional add-ons. In WordPress, you work with plugins to extend the functionality.

However, in case of Composite C1, you work with add-ons. This is because the default script will have minimal set of add-ons to perform a specific task. If you make use of add-ons, you will be able to work with advanced features because they are developed by developers who have acces to Composite C1 source code.

User Experience

Composite C1 is easy to use. The whole system is not complicated like competing ASP.NET based CMS tools. It is possible to work with core features like instant editing, previewing, SEO optimizing, image management, and visual editing. 
Finally, Composite C1 enables you to combine customization and user friendly environment to build products for Custom Software Development.

In the next article, we will examine some more features as to why we liked Composite C1.