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Why Developers Love Composite C1?

August 01, 2016
Developers always prefer a content management system, which is flexible and easy to manage for their custom software 
work. Moreover, they look for the availability of source code to enable them to design their websites as per their requirements. In this article, we will examine why developers love Composite C1.

A platform under a single umbrella

As a developer, you will be able to work with Composite C1 without any programming for your custom software project. Moreover, the CMS ships with a rich and developer friendly platform to enable you to create customized content, integrated solutions including responsive web applications. You are not limited to just one specific factor. There are unlimited possibilities.

Sync with Visual Studio

You can easily develop websites with Composite C1 using Visual Studio since layouts, code files, configurations and styling are placed directly on your disk. You can take advantage of Intellisense in your custom software and will be able to debug your code without any difficulty.

Pick your tool

Composite C1 isolates both template and content function engines by enabling a wide range of technologies that can be used side by side. It is possible to make use of Razor, MVC, Web Forms, Master Pages, Node.js with Visual Studio.

Powerful Performance

In Composite C1, page renderings takes advantage of multiple cores. It is possible to use caching at various levels. Moreover, the Composite C1 features full Windows Azure support with the ability to scale your website to handle massive loads of traffic.

SQL Server not compulsory

You will be able to tranform any data query into a  high performing SQL query or in-mem query using LINQ based approach. Composite C1 enables you to store data in both XML or SQL Server for your custom software project. The platform has the capability to deliver intelligent data caching for optimal performance.

Best Help

Composite C1 provides comprehensive documentation, guides regarding the usage of the CMS. You can also seek assistance from their exclusive open source community and core group. The developers who created the CMS also provides direct help at any time.