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WebStorm 2016.2 gets better with TypeScript and React support

July 17, 2016
JetBrains has officially released the WebStorm 2016.2 JavaScript IDE. This is the second major update by the company in 2016 and has been developed to keep up with the rapid changes in the modern JavaScript technology.

Commenting on the release of WebStorm 2016.2, Ekaterina Prigara, Product Marketing Manager, JetBrains revealed that the new version provides support for TypeScript 2.0 including improved React support. Moreover, the new release has integrated with Angular CLI and also announced the proposed plan to upgrade to ECMAScript 6.

With WebStorm 2016.2, you will be able to perform coding work for component properties defined using PropTypes and integrate non-DOM attributes and lifecycle methods. You can integrate with Angular CLI to create new projects and also to collect Angular 2 code snippets. It is possible to convert to arrow function including the ability to convert to const or let.

In addition to the above updates, you will be able to leverage support for jspm imports, fonts with ligatures in the editor including VCS patch improvements. Developers will be able to automatically insert the required PropTypes when working with components.

Meanwhile, Prigara revealed to a leading software news portal that the company has decided to move to a shorter release cycle to enable integration of new features. In the upcoming future, developers will be able to expect improvements in ECMAScript 2015, React, and Angular 2 support.

The list of features included with WebStorm 2016.2 are as follows

Language support
TypeScript 2.0 support
Convert to arrow function
Using let and const
Angular CLI and code snippets
Improved React support
Support for jspm imports
Support for fonts with ligatures
Improvements in working with patches