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Web Developer Salaries Trends in 2016

May 14, 2016
Web development is one of the growing fields in the world. Nowadays, web has taken over every segment of the life right from politics to business. In such a scenario, you can expect more job opportunities in the sector.

As per U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), web development jobs is projected to increase 20 percent before 2022, which is double the growth of all other job sectors. In the past two years, there has ben a huge spike in the salaries offered to web developers.

While the average salary in 2014 raised to $113500, it was $99250 in 2012. However, we can see a slight marginal increase in 2013. As far as web designers are concerned, the maximum salary was $99000 in 2014, when compared to $88000 in 2012.

With the growth of plenty of e-commerce companies, there has been a huge increase in jobs. This was evident from the average salary figures of 2014 when it stood up to $114750. However, in 2012 the maximum salary for this specific job was $103750.

As far as senior web developers are concerned, the average salary in 2014 was $133250 when compared to $118500 in 2012. 

There are various factors which contribute to salary levels of web developers. For example, a front end developer who manly focuses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, Node.js are actually beginner level developers and are paid less. When they gain experience, their salary levels will be improved to a certain extent.

A back-end developer, on the other hand, provides all the required code based on the logic and it involves more work than a front-end developer. Moreover, the developer should also concentrate on database connectivity, which is somewhat hard to achieve.

Some companies also appoint full stack developer for web development purposes who do all kind of work from coding, database, documentation and deployment.

The salary of a web developer in web design Tusla depends upon various factors. Many companies doesn't look into the qualifications since a non-qualified self learned developers can also excel in the area. The selection will be based on intelligence and quick learning ability of the candidate.