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Visual Studio Code Gets Better With JUnit Support

January 13, 2018
Visual Studio Code has announced support for JUnit. According to reports, the Microsoft product team has added an ability to run and debug Java JUnit test cases to VS Code. The Junit extension will work in tandem with the Java Language provided by RedHat. The Java debugger will provide an impressive experience to enable developers to work in the Java language.

VS Code is a lightweight .NET Framework code editor with support for multiple languages. With the help of VS Code, you will be able to develop modern web applications in JavaScript, Node, and TypeScript. However, the VS Code provides support for third-party languages and frameworks via relevant extensions such as C++, C#, C, Python, PHP, Java, and Ruby.

As per PYPL Index as of April 2015, the VS Code is one of the world's 11th most popular IDE. According to Xiaokai He who works as a Java Program Manager at Microsoft, the main aim of the company is to make available VS Code the best editor for Java.

The latest Java JUnit extensions have updated the Java Debugger extension to version 0.4.0. It is to be noted that the standard VS Code debug console will not allow input. Hence, the capability to launch an application via an external terminal is being looked into the VS Code. The JUnit extensions are currently available on GitHub just like the Java Debugger.

The 2018 roadmap released by Microsoft reveals the fact that the company will provide support for hot code replacement during Java debugging. The Redmond-based software giant is planning to release a maven project explorer with support for checkstyle and tomcat.