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Visual Studio 2017 15.4 Gets Better With Multiplatform Support

October 22, 2017
Visual Studio 2017 15.4 Gets Better With Multiplatform Support
Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2017 15.4 with support for enhancement of multiplatform. The new version provides support for .NET Standard 2.0 and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. If you are unaware, the .NET Standard 2.0 is part of the strategy to promote cross-platform application development and subsequent code reuse.

In Visual Studio 2017 15.4, the mouse-keyboard combination has changed in such a way that you can hold down the Control key and click on a highlighted line of code. This process will navigate automatically to its definition and is available for Visual Basic, Python, and C#.

The Visual Studio 15.4 provides support for the .APPX container included with Windows 10. It will help existing developers to package Win32 apps into the .APPX container to enable them to easily install and manage Windows 10 based systems. The new project type can be located under the File | New | Visual C# | Windows Universal | Windows Application Packaging Project.

If you would like to develop apps with .NET Core 2, it will be easy because of the default availability during installation. The .NET Core will be included by default while selecting the relevant project. Moreover, Visual Studio 2017 15.4 ships with support for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for the development of UWP Workload applications.

If you have installed the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, you will be able to leverage the benefits of the XAML editor. It is possible to work with Edit & Continue while modifying UWP apps. Furthermore, you will be able to work with the various design elements from the Fluent design language developed by Microsoft.

The Visual Studio 2017 15.4 also includes several performance improvements to enable XAML editor to work faster and user-friendly. The new version is released to cater to the demands of productive developers. Furthermore, the company has added support for CMake for both Windows and Linux.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the Visual Studio 2017 15.4 also ships with bug fixes and enhancements. The Visual Studio 2017 15.4 is currently available for download from within the web-based installer or from within the IDE.