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Twistlock 2.1 Container Security Suite Released With New Features

July 31, 2017
Twistlock 2.1 Container Security Suite Released With New Features
Twistlock 2.1 Container Security Suite has been released with an integrated firewall with the ability to understand applications traffic. Moreover, the new version also includes vulnerability detection, compliance alerting, enforcement including the ability to manage secrets via integration with third-party tools.

The firewall integrated with the Twistlock 2.1 is named as Cloud Native Application Firewall (CNAF). It can understand Layer 7 application traffic and also protect against SQL Injection vulnerabilities.

Commenting on the development, John Morello, CTO of Twistlock disclosed that they have very deep knowledge related to common apps like Apache, WordPress and other apps that employ behavioral characteristics. Moreover, the new version also provides protection against SQLi and XSS type attacks including filtering ingress traffic. It will be based on a real time dataset of malicious endpoints.

Morello added that ports are known well in advance for well-known application stacks. The container suite can determine whether the port is listening on and also dynamically reroute traffic via the Twistlock Defender for ultimate protection.

Furthermore, Morello said that the new version of Twistlock understands the type of traffic that flows in and out from them. The data used for detecting vulnerability are automatically pulled from over 30 vendors and commercial feeds. The company deeply analyzes the data and integrates them into the intelligence system.With Twistlock, you will be able to achieve a lower false positive rate when compared with other competing tools.

With native plugins for CI/CD tooling, the Twistlock can block builds based on CVE findings. It can also easily identify and isolate those containers that are running. The tool generates risk score based on Twistlock's view into the environment. This step is to prioritize the correct problem.

The latest version of Twistlock has been integrated with secrets management software such as CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault and Hashicorp's Vault. This is to store passwords and other tokens.