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RedHat Adds Azure, .NET Core 2.0 and SQL Server 2017 Support

September 28, 2017
RedHat Adds Azure, .NET Core 2.0 and SQL Server 2017 Support
RedHat has announced support for Microsoft Azure, .NET Core 2 and SQL Server 2017.The Redmond-based software giant and RedHat recently announced Windows Containers support in Red Hat OpenShift. The purpose of this mechanism is to enable both Windows containers and Linux to work in the same cluster.

If you are running an enterprise with mixed environments, you can migrate towards a container based infrastructure. There will be no need to create separate clusters for both Linux and Windows. RedHat is expected to provide support for Windows containers in Spring 2018.

Developed on top of Kubernetes, the RedHat Openshift is currently distributed and managed through Online, Dedicated and Container Platform modes. The OpenShift Online system runs on a multi-tenant environment based on the cloud-based platform.

While the dedicated mode runs on a single-tenant platform, the Container Platform system provides a dedicated package to enable you to install on self-managed hardware. The OpenShift Container Local package is oriented for individual developer workstations, while the Container Lab helps you to deploy OpenShift for extended verification including pre-production use cases and proof of concepts.

You can also expect the support of OpenShift Dedicated for Azure in early 2018. Meanwhile, RedHat also announced support for .NET Core 2.0 in both OpenShift and Enterprise Linux operating platforms. You can work with .NET Core 2 through container images and yum. Microsoft is gearing up to unveil SQL Server 2017 with support for OpenShift and RedHat Enterprise Linux.