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Realm .NET Gets Better With .NET Stack Support And Features

November 19, 2017
Realm has launched Realm .NET, which is a set of new components, which provide developers the required tools to integrate effectively using the .NET stack. Microsoft had introduced .NET Core support in summer using which you can build mobile apps using C#.

The first component in Realm .NET is the Global Notifier for .NET. The main purpose is to enable efficient distribution of data changes at scale level.In the second component, you will work with real-time synchronization. Moreover, it brings data encryption to the Universal Windows Platform. Finally, there is a two-way data connectivity between Microsoft SQL Server and Realm.

Commenting on the development, Realm disclosed that the Global Notifier for .NET is optimized to resist a huge number of changes. It also notifies interested clients. You can enable it by implementing the INotificationHandler interface, which defines ShouldHandle() and HandleChangesAsync() methods.
While the ShouldHandle() is used to identify the Realm path, the HandleChangesAsync() method is mainly used to handle changes. You can either choose before and after invocation methods. Moreover, Realm .NET provides support for syncing and encryption on UWP. Hence, the features will be on par with Android and iOS and syncs with the Realm Mobile Database for UWP.

The SQL Server connector takes advantage of the legacy databases. Moreover, Realm also provides a PostgreSQL connector with support for MongoDB and Oracle. The framework is designed to implement offline-first mechanism. It syncs apps in real time that is capable of working across various Microsoft-centric devices. The real emphasis is on the C# integration in addition to a wide range of Android and iOS devices.