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Microsoft Visual Studio 15 Preview 4 gets better with improved installer

August 28, 2016
Microsoft has released Visual Studio 15 Preview 4, which will help you in the custom software development. This is the fourth preview of its upcoming new release of developer tools and services.

Commenting on the launch, John Montgomery, director of program management for Visual Studio revealed that the biggest highlight of the preview release is the integration of a lighter installation disk. The new release will be less in total disk capacity when compared to previous counterparts.

Montgomery disclosed that the smallest installation will be around 500 MB on disk, which is less than 6GB in the previous releases. They have removed .NET core and Azure tooling but rest of the Visual Studio 2015 features are still available.

The new installation engine has been designed in such a way that it should be lighter and customizable. This will enable users to install what they require quickly. 

Microsoft has only provided the core elements of Visual Studio such as the shell, code editor, managed and native debugger engines, and source-code control. Moreover, the Preview 4 provides an enhanced start page experience including improvements to feedback mechanisms.

Microsoft has warned users against installing the preview in production machines. You should also remove all the previous preview editions before starting the setup process.