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Microsoft released Visual Studio Code 1.0

April 17, 2016
Microsoft has officially released version 1.0 of Visual Studio code. According to sources, nearly 2 million developers have installed VS Code and as many as 500,000 developers actively make use of VS Code each month. Visual Studio Code 1.0 is a cross-platform development tool focusing on core developer productivity by centering the product on rich code editing and debugging experiences.

Visual Studio Code brings the industry-leading experiences of Visual Studio to a streamlined development workflow, that can be a core part of the tool set of every developer, building any kind of application.

Powerd by Node.js and the Blink layout engine, Visual Studio Code has been upgraded to a full 1.0 release after approximately a year of open beta testing. As per an official blog post on the Visual Studio site, Code became a 1.0 grade product because its API has been stabilized. 

Originally created for JavaScript and TypeScript development, Code currently supports common languages like C++, Python, Go, and React Native.

The main aim behind the launch of 1.0 is to enhance code's performance and making it into a great editor for every developer including support for nine languages and those with visual impairments. The product team at Microsoft has worked hard to produce a stable API and hence support for third-party languages will be easy in the upcoming future.

As of writing this, around 1000 extensions are available for Code, which provides themes including support for different languages, and enhancements for libraries in those languages.


Visual Studio Code 1.0
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