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Microsoft Quantum Development Kit Developer Preview Released

December 14, 2017
Microsoft Quantum Development Kit has been released for developers as a free preview. The Redmond-based tech giant had announced the plans to develop a quantum computer at its Ignite conference. The preview version integrates tightly with Visual Studio.

The Microsoft Quantum Development Kit includes the Q# programming language coupled with a quantum simulator. According to Microsoft, the simulator is capable of simulating up to 30 logical qubits on a typical laptop. Technically, the 30 logical qubits require16GB to effectively simulate. To reach 40 logical qubit simulator, there is a need to push the memory to 2^10. The company is offering an Azure-based simulator, which is capable of reaching up to 40.

As a developer, you can make use of the Quantum Development Kit to learn the steps required to program quantum computers. The programs developed using the simulator will run without any modification on the real quantum computer as well.

The topological qubit included with Microsoft quantum processor is stored globally. The purpose of using this approach is to correct errors, which is not only a limiting but also a crucial factor when it comes to scaling the quantum processors.

Microsoft has described Q# as a domain-specific programming language. It includes a native type system for operators, qubits, and other abstractions with support for not only classical language control but also quantum algebra. The Visual Studio debugger includes Q# integration. It enables you to set breakpoints and step into code. It is also possible to estimate the resources required to execute a quantum program via the trace simulator.

In addition to the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit, Microsoft also released a comprehensive documentation, which helps you to learn the basics of quantum computing. You will also learn advanced concepts such as management of quantum machines, drivers, and other development techniques.

To work with Microsoft Quantum Development Kit, you need access to Visual Studio 2017. You can make use of the community edition, which is available free of cost.