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Microsoft Finalizes .NET Standard 2.0 With Additional APIs

August 18, 2017
Microsoft Finalizes .NET Standard 2.0 With Additional APIs
Microsoft has announced the release of the final version of .NET Standard 2.0. The package includes as many as 32K APIs, which is 140% higher than .NET Standard 1.6. It is over 400% higher when compared to .NET Standard 1.0.

The .NET Standard provides compatibility for the .NET platform across multiple operating platforms such as the .NET Framework, Xamarin, and .NET Core. Going forward, Unity will also provide .NET Standard support.

The latest release of .NET Standard 2.0 provides full compatibility for the .NET Core 2.0, Mono 5.4, Xamarin.iOS 10.14, .NET Framework 4.6.1, Xamarin.Android 7.5, and Xamarin. Mac 3.8. There are reports that a new variant of the UWP will be made available by the end of 2017.

Microsoft said that it is difficult and hard to make NuGet packages compatible with the .NET Framework. Hence, the Redmond-based company has decided to add a shim layer to enable libraries to work on multiple platforms. This will be applicable even if they are not developed based on .NET Standard. 

The main reason for the Microsoft to include the version number as 2.0 in the .NET Standard release is because of a large number of APIs in addition to the compatibility layer. Nearly 15k APIs are introduced from the .NET Framework alone in the latest 2.0 release including support for the .NET Framework 4.6.1 support. 

The latest reports emerging from the company is that a stable version of .NET Core 2.0 will be launched at DEVintersection Europe being held from September 18 and 19.