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Introducing the new features of Visual Studio 15 Preview 2

May 24, 2016
Microsoft recently released the Visual Studio 15 Preview 2. As mentioned before, the Visual Studio 2015 offers a lightweight  installer, which is designed to enhance installations. The preview 2 provides support for Cordova 6.1.1 as part of Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova Update 9.

Developers who make use of Windows Store 8.1 projects will not be able to work with the new release of Visual Studio 2015 and they need to target projects to support Windows 10. Microsoft has further improved the .NET Native Toolchain with over 600 bug fixes and features in addition to an updated Microsoft.NETCore.UniversalWindowsPlatform package.

With C++ compiler has been upgraded with support for  C++11, C++14 including C++ 17, developers will notice the immediate availability of Variable Templates and better constexpr support.

Microsoft has integrated a new SQLite-based database engine that mainly improves the performance of Go To Definitions and Final All References. Moreover, Gradle builds support will be useful for Android developers who make use of C++ and Visual Studio 2015.
If you download and install Visual Studio Preview 2, you will notice how the IDE has been modified to make use of project and item templates. As a developer, you should define them in a template manifest file. Otherwise, the creation of custom templates will fail. Microsoft has provided detailed instructions about the relevant steps required to upgrade your templates so they will work.

In Visual Studio 2015 Preview 2, the XAML tool have been refreshed to offer a focus tracking option that will follow the mouse pointer as it moves across different design elements. Moreover, the various elements under the cursor will be detailed on the Live Visual Tree. 

If you are a XAML designer, you will be able to benefit from Edit & Continue support since you will be able to make 
modifications without requiring a recompile.

We can expect more new features in the upcoming preview releases.