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GitHub Inks Partnership With Facebook Over Atom IDE

September 26, 2017
GitHub Inks Partnership With Facebook Over Atom IDE
GitHub has established a partnership with Facebook to release Atom-IDE, which includes the work done by the Facebook to create a productivity-based Atom text editor. Touted as a hackable text editor for the 21st century, the Atom text editor is developed based on the Electron framework. 

The social media giant has developed the non-open source Nuclide based on the Atom framework. The main purpose is to provide a development environment with features such as debugging and language autocomplete. Even though the Nuclide is available on GitHub, the documentation file clearly specifies the fact that the license has certain limitations related to distribution. Hence, it should not be considered as open source.

The current focus of the Atom IDE is to focus on language-level functionality. You can enable packages such as ide-typescript and ide- csharp provides autocomplete capabilities and for fetching references depending upon the server language.

Going forward, you can expect more improvements to the Atom IDE UI based on the language service protocol. Moreover, the features included with the Nuclide will be part of the Atom IDE including the debugger. Interestingly, the Microsoft Visual Studio Code has been developed on top of Electron and the monthly updated receives rave reviews from the developer community.

It is to be noted that all the code contributed by Facebook is licensed under the BSD license with the same patent. The Facebook had to face ire from the community since their patent colluded with the popular tools such as React. 

Meanwhile, the Visual Studio Code ships with an MIT license. According to Facebook, the company is committed to providing support the open-source Nuclide package in the future.