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Composite C1 CMS: Top reasons to know why you should migrate

April 14, 2016
Composite C1 is one of the top rated open source CMS worldwide built on the Microsoft stack used for web design purposes. In this article, we will examine why you should migrate to Composite C1.

Composite C1 is not only a free open source product but also available as a fully licensed, supported and serviced product.  Hence, Composite C1 is the first choice for many web agencies and professional organizations alike. 

It provides an ability for the developers to easily setup, deploy sites including availability of starter sites, free and professional add-ons, which the developers make use to build websites. The CMS has got the capability to fully customize the entire website using special skills from designers and developers.
Composite C1 offers core features like instant editing, previewing, SEO optimizing, image management, visual editing through an easy user interface, which is not complicated but modern. In short, the CMS combine customization and user friendliness.

With over 60000 installations, Composite C1 will be useful for small local businesses to corporate websites for small, medium and large projects. 

Composite C1 can be easily integrated with Windows Azure, which enable you to run your across one or more of Microsoft's global data centers, giving your customers fast response times for your website development across Asia, Europe and the Americas.