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Amazon gets better with AWS Batch Preview with enhanced features

December 28, 2016

Amazon launched a new preview service namd AWS Batch at the recently concluded AWS Re:Invent conference. The AWS Batch enable organizations to customize and optimize the schedule a... Continue Reading

TypeScript 2.1 released with new features

December 26, 2016

Microsoft has released TypeScript 2.1, which brings in a wide range of features to not only reduce unnecessary typing but also streamline the toolchain. The previous release only p... Continue Reading

Microsoft to unveil NET Core 2.0 during Spring 2017

December 23, 2016

According to reports coming in, the .NET Core 2.0 is scheduled to release on Spring 2017. The upcoming release of .NET Core 2.0 is expected to provide support for Visual Studio 201... Continue Reading

Amazon Web Services gets better with cloud expansion to Canada and United Kingdom

December 20, 2016

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has expanded to Canada and United Kingdom. According to reports, Amazon has added locations in Montreal and London as the 15th and 16th regions of the AWS... Continue Reading

Visual Studio Code 1.8 gets better with hot exit, zen mode and additional debugging options

December 19, 2016

Visual Studio Code 1.8 has added new features such as hot exit, zen mode and other relevant debugging options. The Hot Exit enables you to prevent losing edit. Moreover, the Zen mo... Continue Reading

Swift 3.1 will branch on January 16 from master

December 16, 2016

Apple has rolled out the roadmap for the upcoming Swift 3.1. To add more fun and cheer, Swift 3.1 will be branched on January 16, 2017 from master. Hence, you need to wait for th... Continue Reading

Visual Studio Marketplace replaces VS Gallery without IDE integration

December 09, 2016

Microsoft has launched a new Visual Studio marketplace. Touted as a replacement to VS Gallery, the marketplace provides a glimpse of all extensions for the Visual Studio IDE, Visua... Continue Reading

Microsoft launches Visual Studio Build Tools

November 30, 2016

Microsoft has released the Visual Studio Build Tools (VSBT) using which you will be ableto compile on Windows without Visual Studio. It combines the tools included in the previous ... Continue Reading

Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate with improved features released

November 22, 2016

Microsoft has officially released the first release candidate of Visual Studio 2017. According to Microsoft, the next edition of Visual Studio will be a massive release. It will ad... Continue Reading

AWS Mobile Hub enhances support for serverless app and authentication

November 14, 2016

AWS Mobile Hub has added three new features, which will simplify the allocation of serverless app backends. Moreover, it will help you to enhance sign-in and authentication proce... Continue Reading