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Benefits of becoming Composite C1 certified

August 18, 2016
Composite C1 is an excellent .NET Framework based content management system for the development of custom software application development. It enable enterprise companies to establish presence on the web very easily with minimum learning curve. The company has launched a certification program aimed at developers and solution providers.

For whom

The Composite C1 certification program is aimed at developers and solution providers, which includes IT consultancy companies, web agencies, advertising agencies and IT departments. Moreover, the program will be useful for those companies who are involved in website development. If your company has two or more certified Composite C1 developers, you will be eligible to become a certified partner status. 

Benefits for Certified C1 Certification

  • Beta and release candidate access
  • Access to everything for developer purposes
  • Discount on seminars and events
  • Use C1 Certified logo
  • Listing of Company name, logo and references on the C1 website
  • Event and seminar support (Composite option)
  • Joint PR (Composite option)
  • Co-Exhibit and Sponsorship Events (Composite option)

Certified Developer

To become a certified Composite C1 developer, you need to complete one of the seven different certification tracks ranging 
from Front-end Developer to System Integrator. You will be evaluated before you receive your certification with a 24 hour 
assignment. Moreover, each track will cost you $360 and is valid for 12 months.

Certified Partner

If you become a certified partner of Composite C1, you will be eligible to become part of a large knowledge network. You will be invited to various events with speakers from the industry. If there is any new software release, you will be the first to know about it. You need minimum of two in-house Composite C1 certified developers to retain the status of a certified developer.

Registered Partner

You can easily become a registered partner by completing the required registration form . If you register as a partner, you are supporting the Composite C1 project. Your custom software products and websites get wide attention of you become a registered partner.