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An Overview of Linux Best Desktop Distributions

May 17, 2017
An Overview of Linux Best Desktop Distributions
Linux is a great open source operating system. However, you have to download a distribution to work with Linux. It will be very difficult for you to determine the correct version of Linux since there are so many versions. However, you can try Ubuntu, Linux Mint, openSUSE Tumbleweed, Fedora, and Remix OS. According to PC advisor, these are the five best Linux distributions for the desktop.

According to experts, Linux provides a wide range of desktop distributions to meet the growing demands of users. Even though Linux exists for a long time, people are only used to Windows. However, Linux has its own benefits than Windows.

Linux is not only free but also provide enhanced security. Moreover, Linux works perfectly with old PCs and is also suitable for new systems. With amazing software repositories, the Linux offers a simplified update process coupled with a beautiful interface. Linux offers excellent community support and gamers have started to release new titles every month.

If you look at Maui version of Linux, it includes a wide range of software and features. It includes cutting edge KDE Plasma software. The distribution offers unique windows, large fonts coupled with the dark and high-contrast theme. Even though Maui works without any problem on desktop computers, Plasma is little slow when you are running in VirtualBox. You can enhance the performance by adjusting parameters in the System Settings panel. However, reviewers are demanding efficient settings.

If you look at the Maui, it looks friendly alongside simple configuration modules. You will be able to perform various tasks using click and graphical wrappers. The Synaptic is a vulnerable package manager but lags when compared to other competing software managers. That said, Maui is easy to configure and is a useful desktop distribution for beginners.